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2017-11-09 14:19:52

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Part 3: Dietary management of Osteoarthritis

2017-11-02 03:03:00

This post is the 3rd of the 4-part series on the dietary management of osteoarthritis (OA). Please refer to our blog for previous postings.


If you are the main food provider, chronic pain, a change in appetite and a decreased range of motion can all contribute to making it difficult to shop and prepare food at home, and you may find yourself opting for more take-aways and calorie-dense, “comfort” snacks such as jelly sweets, crisps, and chocolate.

Shopping for groceries online can help keep your cupboard and refrigerated stocked with healthy options. Stock up on items that can help cut down on food preparation time, e.g. ready prepared and peeled vegetables, quick-cooking brown rice and grains (e.g. Tastic or Woolworths), bottled tomato-based pasta sauces and whole wheat crackers. Milk and pre-sliced whole wheat bread can also be frozen. 

If arthritis in your hands make food preparation challenging there are a range of kitchen accessories that may come in handy. Examples include hand food choppers, electric tin openers or jar openers (“jar key”). Opt for lighter pans and pots and those with two handles.