Linking science to practice

Shelly Meltzer & Associates offer comprehensive and customized dietary services for anyone wanting to optimise their diet for health and performance. 

Please note that we are now meeting in person as well as continuing our on-line remote dietary services. Please contact us for more information.

Sports Science Institute of South Africa

As a team we bring together diverse skills in clinical, research and applied sports & general nutrition. In addition, we have over time accumulated considerable experience in industry & the corporate field, initiating and developing wellness programs, resources & products.

With our main practice based at the Sport Science Institute of South Africa, we see individuals requiring nutritional advice for all situations (e.g. weight management and chronic diseases of lifestyle) and have also been professionally involved with diverse sports nutrition projects working with athletes, coaches and teams across the spectrum from amateur/school level right up to national and professional levels, and keep abreast with the latest scientific developments through our collaboration with the University of Cape Towns’ Health, Physical Activity, Lifestyle, Sport Research Centre (HPALS).

We have a strong focus on linking the science to real life practical interventions. One of our projects is to work closely with the Trufood Station to ensure a daily offering of healthy fresh foods that meets the specific requirements of all ages, stages and physical demands of its customers. The Trufood Station is located on the Ground Floor of The Great Westerford, 240 Main Road in Rondebosch.

Trufood Station/Nutrifuel Kitchen

Our services include:

  • Individual consultations: We consult with individuals requiring diets for clinical and health reasons (e.g. weight management, diabetes, allergies, gut issues) and for sports performance (elite and recreational athletes). For more information about what to expect about the process click here.
  • Corporate groups and sports teams: A variety of bespoke services are available for corporate clients, teams of athletes and coaches. This includes participatory lectures and hands-on workshops, menu planning; on-site assessments and development of food-and dietary supplement-related policies and procedures.
  • Food service management and Catering advice: We offer extensive services for both the corporate and the athletic environment including the assessment, set-up and management of cafeterias and sports academies; and the planning and management of food services for sports events. 
  • Education and training: We develop courses for Allied Health professionals and chefs, the lay public and school-going to postgraduate students. Click here to find out more about our on-line nutrition course.
  • Research and Development: We can advise on research and development of innovative products, food labeling & legislation; marketing of products appropriately to target groups and can write material for academic and lay public. 
  • The Trufood Station: Our dietitians work closely with the chefs at the Trufood Station to ensure a daily offering of healthy fresh foods that meet the specific requirements of all ages, stages and physical demands of its customers. Click here for the ingredients and nutritional analysis of our Trufood Station products.